Q: Why I use this card have some niose from headphone?

A: If it's have noise on Headphone and it is working, that will be PC's USB votage is not enough to 4.6V,so you can use a microusb connect to this card, or it can try change a USB cable, that will fix the problem .

Q: Why I use ASIO driver at small buffer that have click sound?

A: This is a complex problem. If  cpu is old, it will use bigger buffer on ASIO setting. If you pc's DPC is bad,that will need biger buffer. You must optimization your computer first if you need real-time audio .You can find the way at this link: http://www.buckhorn.com.cn/index.php/en/support-en/tech-doc-en/42-windows-optimization-en

Q: Why I can't loading ASIO in DAW software?

A: This problem have 2 situations.1 You didn't install driver successful,you need reinstall driver again. 2 ASIO is occupied by other threads. Like you open another program using ASIO or DAW crash but thread still in background. You need kill the thread or reboot computer.

Q:Why my microphone doesn't have sound?

A:First you need to identify wheter microphone are condenser or dynamic. If it is a condenser microphone, you need switch on 48V phantom power and cable must XLR to XLR. If you turn up the gain knob Led lights will flash green or red. If the Led working follow your sound,that microphone is working.

Second you need open a DAW and turn on monitor.

Q: What is "virtual" in driver?

A: Virtual is our special function in buckhorn driver. You can use Virtual channles routing audio signal from WDM and ASIO. This function can help you routing the game sound or Music from a software to DAW. DAW's sound can routing to Podcasting software too. 

Q: Why the phone connecter not working?

A: 1 This Phone connecter is not for heaphone monitor.

    2 This phone connecter is a CTIA style connecter. it can connect to Iphone or Samsung's phone direct. If you have a Chinese brand phone you need a pallets cable.(If you use wrong cable the headphone volume control knob will be off normal)

   3 If you connect to a Type-c to 3.5 cable, that you will need lucky,Type-c cable's  definition is difference, and it change definition by automatic. So it is not easy to tell you how to do.

   4 Phone's sound can't control by soundcard knob,if you want turn down the volume that need use phone‘s button.